Supercharger Belt Guard

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I keep having problems with my cog belts breaking and although I hope my new 50mm belts system and tensioner will solve this I still wanted to protect my hood and ignition from flying cog belts.  While at John Haley Motorsports I saw his Blown Alcohol Dragster had a really cool belt guard (required for his racing class) and thought I would see if I could make it work.  I called RCD Engineering and ordered the guard without the starter bracket (used for the remote starter to start a dragster engine).  When I got the part I found that it was little too wide and the arc was a little wide so a little time was spent with a vise bending the bracket and with a cutoff wheel to trim around 3/4" from the overall width.  After this I just had to make a small aluminum spacer to mount the bracket to an existing supercharger mounting hole on the top and build a small standoff for the bottom bolt.  It is very rigid, looks great, and should protect my hood and ignition.

Later I will be building a lower guard to help guide the belt and protect my crankshaft from the belt wrapping around and breaking parts.  More pictures when that is done.


This is a front view of the belt guard.  If you look carefully you can see that the initials RCD are not in the exact center anymore.  The outside edge has been trimmed back to make it fit.


Here is a view from the passenger side.  Notice how it protects my MSD ignition.


Here is another view from the front where you can see the entire engine.  I love the way the guard fits in with everything.  It really gives it a finished look.


This is the damage to my hood from previous belts breaking.  Now I can get this fixed!

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