As hard as this is to believe I hate loud cars.  I love the rumble of a deep exhaust and I love open headers at the track.  The problem is I also enjoy to drive my car and there is nothing more annoying than a constant roar when you are trying to drive somewhere.  It is awesome when you pull up to the occasional Honda with a 4" exhaust tip.  As you can see by looking at my current exhaust system I went to excruciating pains to keep it as quite as I could while not restricting the engine badly. 

Having done this I also realize that power is made by ingesting air into the engine, mixing it with fuel, burning the mixture, and releasing the burnt fuel mixture out the exhaust.  If any of these processes are inefficient or restricted you will loose power.  That is why I installed the FloPro Twister mufflers as resonators before and after my actual mufflers (yes, that's right - I have 6 mufflers on my car).  The problem is I hate crawling under the car to uncork the exhaust.  In my dream world I would flip a switch and the exhaust would open. 

To make my dream come true the valve that closes the exhaust would have to be a high quality valve and not leak.  The only thing more annoying than open exhaust on a long drive is a constant exhaust leak you can hear.  For durability the valve should be stainless.  To insure it stays closed and opens properly you would need a strong motor.  How would you find such a thing? 

As some may remember I had a previous system that allowed me to open my exhaust but with my new 3" MAC exhaust system there was no room for it.  After searching the net and asking everyone I know I have found a system that actually provides more functionality in a more compact package that will work in more situations.

I contacted Dave at dmhperformance.com and talked to him about what I was looking for. 

The valves arrived and I have to say they are truly amazing!  You can see the completed exhaust system in the photo on the right.  The valves are installed just before the primary mufflers but after the first set of Twister resonators.  This way even with the exhaust open I am legal on the street (still using mufflers).  With the valves open the system is very loud and aggressive.  With the system closed it is very conservative with the only indication of power being the choppy idle.  Just the way I wanted it!

for more info visit http://www.dmhperformance.com

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