As I plan to post detailed pictures of the aftercooler and of my car this is what I am calling the "sneak-peak".  I have a few shots of the car now that the Cervinis Stalker front bumper is installed and painted and of the Aftercooler setup.

I guess lets start on the outside.  Last fall while backing out of my garage I "bumped" my bumper into my own garage!  ARGGG!  I only scraped the paint but it was enough to really piss me off!  I couldn't decide all winter if I should just re-paint the cover or get the Cervinis Stalker front cover.  I am very happy I ended up buying the new cover.  The quality is great and the extra room in front of the radiator was a huge benefit when installing the transmission cooler and the aftercooler heat exchanger.

The wheels on my Mustang are American Racing AR-534 16" wheels and I really like them.  I run big brakes in the back and 15" wheels won't clear the brakes.  I wanted to run the Mickey Thompson ET Street tires which come in 16" sizes.  The problem I had is American Racing had long since stopped producing the AR-534 wheels.  For the past 2 years I have been looking for another set.  One day while searching the internet I found a guy who had a Mustang and had destroyed one of his AR-534's.  I purchased the other 3 from him for $150 and now have my Mickey Thompson ET Streets (16x26x11.50) on one set of wheels and my BFGoodrich street tires on another set.  I even have an extra wheel if anything breaks!

One thing I don't have a picture of yet but is worth mentioning is my Aeromotive 1300hp fuel system.  I cut my fuel tank and sumped it myself and mounted the fuel system behind the tank.  To protect it I built a custom tank rollbar that is connected directly to the frame.  It looks very cool - pictures will be posted later.

On the inside of the car I now have the swing out bar completed for the rollbar!  This was a huge undertaking.  I am a big guy (6' 3" 250lbs) and room is at a premium inside a Mustang.  The side bar has been mandrel bent to hug the door panel and is extended way up by the side pedal (that useless pedal under the dash) so I can get in and out easy.  I also replaced the stereo (yes, I can't miss the creature comforts) with a nice Alpine deck that plays MP3's.  I have Infinity Kappa speakers in the doors, dash (tweeters), and back seat with Pioneer amps powering them.  No pics yet but I will post soon.

The Aftercooler is fully functional and is working GREAT.  In some initial datalogging with only water (not ice-water) and at boost conditions of around 10psi (don't want to go to big until I get the tune perfect) I saw intake air temperatures stay steady where they would have increased by around 80 degrees before!  With Ice I should see below ambient temps on the intake air! 

You will notice the new "ribs" welded to the top of the aftercooler.  The original 16 gauge metal actually sucked in at vacuum so I welded up a 3/16" piece of aluminum.  Even with that I saw some deflection so I welded up the ribs to keep everything in place.

I am still having a few problems with the tune and have the car forced into full time open loop (ignores the o2 sensors) and have disabled adaptive control.  I need to get my Wide Band Oxygen sensor installed and then get it to a dyno to do the final tune.  The 83lb injectors and the pro-m 92mm Mass Air sensor are working great.  The power now is MUCH better than last year when I had 600rwhp.  I really do expect to see 700rwhp or more this year!

As far as racing I still have not made it to the track since the car ran 14's (stock).  I really want to get out and race it but winter is still here (Minnesota).  I also don't have my fire jacket, helmet, or 5-point harness yet.  Should have that fixed in a week or two.....