The vendors included in this list are companies that have gone the extra mile for me and have provided superior products and service.  I am not being paid by anyone on this list.  I personally stand behind each one.

So everyone knows building a race car is expensive - it is even more expensive when you don't have a quality engine management system to keep detonation away!  Save yourself all the grief and get the AEM EMS!  Plus they sponsor my car!


Vortech Superchargers
Cramming more air into your engine - that is the easiest way to make power.  To do it safely and consistently you need a great product with even better support.  I love my Vortech YSi Supercharger!


Weldon Racing
After years and years of fuel heat problems I finally got the pump I should have started with (Weldon 2025).  They say you get what you pay for - buy a Weldon pump, you won't be sorry!


DG Motors
The name must be short for Damned Good Motors!  There is more to making power than bolting on a power adder.  Your engine better  be able to take the power or you may find another hole in your block where a rod or piston decided to exit!  Something many people don't realize is a lot of power can be made or lost in how your engine is assembled.


Wolf Performance Engineering
I originally met Ed at the Car Craft Summer Nationals.  We were both using the TwEECer and I was impressed with his knowledge on tuning the ford EEC.  I found out much later that he ran Wolf Performance Engineering and have since purchased a set of Sherman lifters.  If you want someone knowledgeable in Ford, the EEC processor, and in engineering in general this is the place to go. 


APS Autoworks
When I needed to get my Cervinis front bumper cover painted I was delighted to find a local (Minneapolis) shop that specialized in Mustang performance AND bodywork.  Since that first introduction I have had my Mustang at APS Autoworks many times for help with tuning or installation of a Mustang related performance part.


Reichard Racing
When I was first building my intercooler manifold I had a tough time finding anyone who could give me any information on building a custom upper manifold.  Not only does Reichard Racing have some of the coolest products they were also the only ones to help me through my initial design and build problems.  I look forward to converting my lower manifold to one of their air-gap Trick Flow-R converted lowers this winter.


Coast High Performance/Probe Industries
I have purchased 2 stroker motors and tons of parts from CHP/Probe.  Everything has been the highest quality and they are great to work with. If I had to pick one vendor to have do all my work this would be the one!


Lentech Automatics
I LOVE my AOD.  Imagine an Automatic with Overdrive that can take 1,500 hp, shift manual when wanted, automatic when wanted, and yet anyone can still drive it!


Lakewood Transmission
It is hard to find a transmission shop that does a great job and can get you in and out quickly.  Scott the technician at Lakewood worked closely with Lentech to get my AOD exactly the way I wanted it.  There customer support is excellent and Doug is wonderful about follow up!


Maximum Motorsports
Every time I work with a part from Maximum Motorsports it makes me smile.  I have installed many other companies control arms and sway bars and none compare to the quality and performance of Maximum Motorsports!


Notable Mentions!
This is a list of companies or products that I have had great luck with.



S&S Performance (763-536-9430)